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We believe we should treat your personal data in the same way as we would expect ours to be treated.  Therefore we want to give you as much control as possible over what we send you.

We will only send you our weekly digest (The Purple Patch) or our Blog if you choose to subscribe to each of them. We think that you'll love them both, but the choice is entirely yours.  And you can adjust your preferences at any time on this page, which will you can also link t from any email you receive from us. 

If you are a Customer of Purple Salix, we may send you the occasional email when we think that we have something to say that will be of value to you. However, as ever, you will have the opportunity to opt out of these communicatons. 

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  • THE PURPLE PATCH is a weekly digest of news and insights from across the web about B2B Marketing issues, the topic of Personal Productivity and a few other lighter elements. My subscribers tell me it is one of their go-to sources for content every week.
  • In my BLOG I write about things that interest me.  With a marketing hat on it tends to be on things connected to B2B Marketing - Automation, getting insight from Data, demand generation, team leadership. I also write about Personal Productivity - thoughts from my own struggles of trying to focus on getting my most important work done with the minumum stress.  I don't write very often (oh the irony!!)

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